Thursday, June 24, 2010

Launch of the RoninSec Australian Information Security Survey


We're proud to announce the inaugural ANONYMOUS 2010/2011 RoninSec Australian Information Security Survey. It is a pragmatic survey of information security stakeholders for the information security industry.

This survey was created to provide data to support the experience of RoninSec personnel in answering common questions that RoninSec is asked such as:
  • Does everybody else have a formal security policy or are we the only one without one?
  • Do others in my industry sector check compliance with security standards?
  • What is the most common root cause of security incidents?
  • What are other organisations doing about identity management?
  • How effective are other organisations at identifying vulnerabilities?
If you swear in the form or put in XSS attack attempts that data will be removed during analysis:)

The survey will be open for people to enter their responses for the first 3 months of the new financial year.



RoninSec thinks that a blog is a good place to post our security research. It also allows people to follow the blog in their own blogs or RSS readers.

Coming Soon:

- RoninSec Australian Infosec Survey
- Session Management in Web Development Frameworks

Monday, November 16, 2009

Things are in motion

I'm looking forward to discussing a few things about my new business in the near future on this blog.

Friday, July 3, 2009

First test post

One small step for matt one giant leap for mattkind