Thursday, September 7, 2023

Repost from 2009 - what do you need to know to work in infosec?

 Here's a list of things that are really handy to know for the day to day business of information security. Note, if you know how to do these things then learning to review them is simply applying "audit methodology". Hope this list will be useful for myself as a refresher and to others wanting to further their skills:

1. TCP/IP basics like OSI model, routing, protocols, ports, NAT
2. Construct a checkpoint firewall rule base
3. Construct a PIX firewall rule set
4. Configure a cisco router to CIS benchmark
5. Configure VLANs and port mirroring on a cisco switch
6. Deploy Microsoft security templates to a group policy object
7. Configure a WSUS server and run MBSA to check it is working
8. Use Solaris Security Toolkit
9. Administer a linux box, enable/disable services, use package managers etc.
10. Install oracle and mysql
11. Be able to construct an SQL query or two
12. Configure a web server or two (say apache and IIS)
13. Configure an application server or three (say tomcat, websphere application server, maybe BEA weblogic)
14. Be able to use a web proxy (burp, webscarab) and a fuzzer
15. Know how the following security controls of authentication, session management, input validation and authorisation are implemented securely for a number of application development frameworks
16. Configure an IDS or three (Snort, IBM solution set)
17. Know the ten domains in ISO27002 and their content
18. Be able to identify control gaps from ISO27002 in your operations
19. Be able to build a security plan to address control gaps (planned end state, costs and benefits, dates, actions and responsibilities)

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